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The cable – The Achilles tendon of electric car chargers

Charging an electric vehicle is cheaper and more convenient to do it at home or at the company (you leave the car charging overnight or during the workday), for this reason most drivers of plug-in electric vehicles perform more than 80% of charging at home / work.

A major problem in domestic charging is the safe use and storage of the cable so that it does not suffer damage (twisting, scratching, cutting, crushing the outer jacket) and creating potentially dangerous situations for people and installations.

Smart and safe cable management

That is why we have developed the CReelTM with the aim of making it easier and safer to charge the electric vehicle at a particular level.

This new system will allow the user to easily stretch the cable and connect it directly to the vehicle. This prevents the cable from rubbing on the ground or being exposed during the charging process. Once it is finished, the cable returns semi-automatically in a smooth and safe way to the reel. In addition, the CReelTM has an integrated braking system, in case the user accidentally misses the cable, thus avoiding damage to the vehicle body, the connector or the cable itself.

Product Features